Yemen is facing the worst humanitarian crisis in the world, yet no one seems to know about it. Disease, hunger and violence continue to plague the millions of civilians stuck within this conflict. The Yemeni people are not to blame for this war, but they’re the ones suffering.

Faxed ( is shining a light on the crisis through the art of posters. We are uniting the creative community to raise their voices against the inequalities happening in Yemen through poster designs that give insights into the crisis and raise funds for those in need.

Through the participation of both Yemeni and non-Yemeni people Faxed is building a space for conversations, education and action. Visit @faxe_d or to see our online poster exhibition, one-on-one interviews, resources, or to submit your own poster.

Your donations will help the Field Medical Foundation to continue their life saving humanitarian in Yemen. Plus, to show our appreciation, all donations of more $30+ will receive a poster of their choice. I was lucky enought to be contacted by the museum of arts and crafts of Hamburg (Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg), who let me know that they purchased one of my posters (Kari) and that they have it in their permanent exhibition.
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